06/23/2011 09:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Mocks John McCain For Blaming Arizona Wildfires On Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

Wednesday night's "Daily Show" took a departure from Jon Stewart's ongoing battle with Fox News and focused one of its segments on the terrible wildfires in Arizona. Or, more importantly, the fact that Arizona Senator John McCain has said publicly that illegal immigrants -- not high winds, drought or high temperatures -- started some of the fires.

"How do you know if a fire is started by an illegal? Is there a mesquite tang to the smoke?" Stewart joked.

Even though the U.S. Forest Service says there is no evidence to support McCain's claim, the former Presidential candidate defended himself by saying he only meant some of the fires were started by illegals, not all of them.

Naturally, Stewart wanted to set McCain straight by talking to him in person on the show. But because "He f***ing hates us," as Stewart put it, "The Daily Show" brought out the next best thing: Puppet John McCain!

Check out the full segment to hear P.J.M. explain his theory as well as spout the usual grumblings we often hear from the Senator ("Build the dang fence!"). As you'll see, it appears McCain is a little confused about more than just illegal immigrants starting fires, as he also accuses them of taking his reading glasses and hiding his TV remote.


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