06/23/2011 10:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Post Office Issues Mark Twain Forever Postage Stamp

The Mark Twain forever postage stamp is being issued on June 25th during an opening ceremony at Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum in Hannibal, MO.

The press release says:

“Our literary tribute this year rightfully honors Mark Twain, author of one of the greatest novels in American literature and the man whom William Faulkner called ‘the first truly American writer,’ said Postal Service Board of Governors member James H. Bilbray. “Mark Twain was a rarity, as he was one of the first writers to exploit the vernacular voice in his books, using the speech of common Americans,” Bilbray said.

How would Twain feel about this? We're not sure he'd be that happy. Will you use the stamp?