06/23/2011 10:16 am ET Updated Aug 23, 2011

Wimbledon 2011: Dick Enberg Shares Awkward 'Blue Balls' Story During Match (VIDEO)

Even after 28 years calling matches at Wimbledon, Dick Enberg still has a few anecdotal aces up his sleeve. Of course, some stories are better than others.

For instance, the 76-year-old sportscaster, who has at one point or another called pretty much every major sporting event the U.S. has to offer, shared the following awkward tale during the third set of Venus William' second round match against Kimiko Date-Krumm on Tuesday.

As the story goes:

"I think back to one of the leaders of the All England Club, didn't exactly have his color code correctly, but his argument was, he said, 'do you realize that if we have yellow balls and green grass stains we're liable to have bloody blue balls at Wimbledon?' That was the argument."

What do you say to a story like that? We can't be too sure, but co-anchor Chris Evert certainly did herself a favor when all she could muster up was, "I'll leave that one alone."