06/26/2011 10:40 am ET Updated Aug 24, 2011

Colorado Department Of Human Services Vows To Make Positive Changes

The Colorado Department of Human Services will be making changes in the interest of increasing patient safety after a grand jury issued a highly critical report of maintenance at the state Mental Health Institute.

According to an Associated Press report, criminal activity was not listed in the grand jury report but rather a conjunction of staff and training problems were found to have weakened safety procedures.

The institute, located in Pueblo, attracted negative attention after three inmates died. One of the of the inmates who died Troy Geske, 41, was asphyxiated after being place in a now-banned prone restraint by staff.

Pueblo County District Attorney Bill Thiebaut and Colorado Department of Human Services Executive Director Reggie Bicha told 7News changes would be made.

They were very clear that the responsibility of (Geske's) death fell directly on the shoulders of the personnel at the mental health institute and through the department itself.