06/24/2011 05:51 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2011

Targuy Ngombo Lied About Age: Timberwolves Draft Pick Also Lied About Spelling Of Name

This doesn't look good for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to several reports, Targuy Ngombo, Minnesota's second-round draft pick, lied about his age and spelling of his name.

Jonathan Givony of Draft Express
pointed out that Ngombo, who was believed to be 21-years-old, is actually a soon-to-be 27-year-old named Tanguy Alban Harrys Ngombo.

Qatar's roster on the FIBA website also confirms that Ngombo was born in 1984.

More from Scott Schroeder of SB Nation:

Ngombo was first brought to the mainstream's attention by Jonathan Givony of Draft Express earlier in the week when he mentioned there was a good chance that the Congolese native could get drafted out of Qatar (stay with me now).Timberwolves scout Pete Philo apparently discovered Ngombo and convinced Kahn he was worthy of a draft pick while assuming the small forward was only 21 as it says on his page.

Givony tweeted that this makes Ngombo ineligible to be drafted.

Ngombo was selected with the 57th overall pick.

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