06/26/2011 10:41 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2011

Weekend Essay: Fishermen Compete With Fashionistas For Feathered Lures

On the list of worldly problems that piss off fly fishermen, rock stars and teenage girls are usually pretty low; newbies who stomp around and spook the fish are much worse. But that's changed over the past six months or so as girls began tying "saddle" feathers into their hair as part of a fashion trend — one that pop star Ke$ha and other celebrities pushed — and caused a serious run on the long, barred and brightly colored plumage that fly fishermen use to lure pike, steelhead and other fish. And then came Aerosmith great Steven Tyler, who wore feathers in his hair during a recent episode of American Idol — just as fly-fishing season began.

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