06/27/2011 06:34 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian Blamed For Divorce Of Former 'Marriage Ref' Contestant

Jerry Seinfeld doesn't mind being called a homewrecker. In fact, the comic and "The Marriage Ref" co-creator replied, "I love it, I love, I love it!" when we asked for his reaction to former contestant Howie Kohlenberg's claims that his appearance on the show last season led to his divorce.
"When people get upset I enjoy it," Seinfeld told us at the All-Star Comedy Roundtable at the Nantucket Film Festival on Sunday. "That he's having problems, and blaming me, it's all -" Seinfeld paused, then added, "Anything that alleviates the withering, blithering boredom of existence I'm in favor of."  IKohlenberg, 47, a Manhattan cosmetics salesman, reportedly claimed that after he and his now-ex-wife appeared on the show, she became so obsessed with becoming a celebrity that she left him and their son to chase her Hollywood dreams.

In addition to being executive producer of "The Marriage Ref," Seinfeld also appears on the NBC summer series, which returned to the airwaves Sunday night.

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