06/27/2011 11:39 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2011

Celebrity Exes Who Are Friends: 6 Star Couples Who Stayed Buddy-Buddy Post-Split

In the world of whirlwind celebrity romance, a marriage that lasts more than a year is considered an enormous success. Commitment is rare, engagements are called off as often as unions are announced, and divorce is commonplace. In this precarious world, star couples have adopted a perfunctory means of communicating news of their breakup: the press release. The short, standard statement issued by every celebrity pair predictably claims an amicable split and the couple's intention to continue their friendship for years to come. Too often, though, "we continue to be good friends" means "we'd slit each other's throats if we could." That's why we think the exes who manage to maintain real friendships while navigating paparazzi and managing busy work schedules deserve a special mention--like the six ex-couples below. Whether they pull it together for the sake of their kids or are genuinely invested in platonic love, these celebrity exes seem to set the bar for anyone seeking a harmonious breakup.

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Still-Friends Celebrity Exes: The Couples Who Did It Best