06/28/2011 01:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Air Force Dad Surprises Kids By Popping Out Of Gift Box (VIDEO)

Regardless of your position on the battles being fought overseas, it's hard not to feel wonderful after watching this video.

Posted on YouTube by the Welcome Home Blog, this soldier, home early from deployment, engineered an amazingly heartwarming reunion with his children, popping out of a box they thought was a gift. Sure they were expecting toys, but they got an even better present.

However, the seemingly simple stunt ran into quite a few hiccups before the moment arrived, according to the YouTube post.

Things seemed to keep going wrong... It was supposed to be at a restaurant, but he came back a day later then planned. Then, he was supposed to be closed in the box, but he was too big! Then, not enough wrapping paper, even though there was 3 rolls... But it all worked out in the end thanks to some awesome friends!!!

UPDATE: Upon contacting The Huffington Post, Christina Haltom, the wife of the soldier in the video, stated that her husband is in fact a member of the Air Force and not the Army, as previous sources had indicated.