06/28/2011 02:17 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2011

Baghdad After The Storm: Amazing Photos Of The Ancient City's Renewal From National Geographic

In the July issue of National Geographic, writer and former army sergeant Bryan Turner takes an in-depth look at the beleaguered city of Baghdad. He finds that despite hardships and lingering violence, Baghdad's residents are now looking to the future with a renewed sense of optimism.

His report reads:

Back then, my unit escorted long, serpentine supply convoys through the city. Insurgents staged complex ambushes, driving cars loaded down with explosives. The black scorch marks of vehicles burned to the ground remained long after their hulks were removed, giving me pause whenever we passed them by. One day our squad leader yelled at my machine gunner and me to drop down from our positions in the hatches at the rear of our Stryker vehicle—and mortar rounds suddenly burst in the air, raining down a deadly spray of shrapnel. We rode through the storm of metal, hearts pounding in our chests. Memories like these reenact themselves in my mind now as we drive through the city, and for a moment I imagine I've returned to Baghdad the way a ghost might haunt the world it once inhabited.

But things have changed. This isn't the Baghdad I once knew. Just off Abu Nuwas Street near the Tigris River, where sniper fire was once a daily hazard, the sounds of war have been replaced by the sounds of children playing soccer on the grass. They whoop, high-pitched and full throated, like birds calling to each other. On Haifa Street, where bitter sectarian fighting raged from 2006 to 2008, young men pause in the doorway of a local market to finish a conversation as Iraqi pop music blares from a boombox. Near the university several young women laugh as they cradle textbooks and notebooks, their head scarves a splash of color against the drab building facades. Everywhere around Baghdad there is the sound of a city regaining its voice.

Read the full article by Brian Turner in the July 2011 issue of National Geographic, available on newsstands now.

See the amazing full gallery by National Geographic's Lynsey Addario here.

View a selection of images from Addario's gallery below. All photos and captions are shown courtesy of National Geographic.

Baghdad After The Storm