06/28/2011 11:52 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2011

Injured Penguin Learns To Walk Again (VIDEO)

Penguins are so hot right now. While some are reluctant to return to their natural habitats, one injured bird in New Zealand looks ready to waddle off into the sunset thanks to the hard work of dedicated veterinarians.

Jay the Penguin is undergoing rehab at New Friends of Bushy Beach in New Zealand, where they specialize in sick and injured penguins.

Jay injured his left foot and was given to the center on May 14th and they documented his remarkable progress back to mobility in a video series set to the always inspiring "I Believe I Can Fly" sung by R. Kelly -- even though penguins are flightless birds.

It doesn't look like Jay gets the irony though, and is ready to resume his mobile lifestyle.