06/29/2011 10:03 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Al Sharpton To Herman Cain: 'Jon Stewart Is A Comedian, Your Policies Are A Joke' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart's ongoing debate with Fox News since his interview with Chris Wallace now has another layer: Herman Cain. On Wednesday night's "Ed Show," Reverend Al Sharpton made clear how he feels about the GOP Presidential hopeful getting involved.

Cain, a frequent Fox News contributor, became personally involved in the feud after he took issue with an impression Stewart did on "The Daily Show" earlier this month, both at a public appearance and during several interviews on Fox. He argued that the impression was racially insensitive.

In the segment below Sharpton defends Stewart's comedy and says that although he takes pride in Cain becoming a successful man, his ideas are simply "not good for America."

Citing Cain's recent statements about minimum wage and past comments about Obama not being American and not allowing Muslims on a cabinet, Sharpton bluntly told him what he thought of his policies:

"I don't like your policies. I'm as black as you. I'm not mocking you. I'm saying what you're saying is wrong. Jon Stewart is a comedian. Your policies are a joke."


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