06/30/2011 12:29 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2011

Alex Rodriguez On Super Bowl Popcorn Snack With Cameron Diaz: 'It Was A Great Moment' (VIDEO)

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, Alex Rodriguez opened up about having the Super Bowl 45 television audience catch him on the receiving end of a little popcorn feeding extravaganza with his then Hollywood girlfriend.

Here's what the Yankees slugger had to say:

It was really funny when she fed David Letterman popcorn; I thought that was a kick. I thought it was one of the coolest things that happened to me all offseason. My daughters kept making fun of me and they wanted to keep feeding me popcorn. It was a great moment at the All-Star Game* and we really enjoyed it. It was all fun, and it was actually funnier the way she fed Letterman than the way she fed me.

Interesting -- that's a far cry from the reports that A-Rod went "ballistic" when the camera man spotted him.


*He meant to say Super Bowl, we know.