06/30/2011 11:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Train Debuts 'Drops Of Jupiter' Wine

It probably took years to get Train's "Drops Of Jupiter" out of your head (likely replaced by "Hey, Soul Sister") but it looks like you might be humming it again. Join Train's brand new Save Me San Francisco Wine Club (yes, really), and sample the "fruit-forward, instantly lovable red" 2009 Petite Syrah titled Drops of Jupiter.

The Denver Westword notes, "Train's decision to go with a wine as opposed to a nice eau de toilette (the world will just have to wait to discover what odor drops of Jupiter exude) sort of makes sense, given the band's apparent emotional connection with various food items; recall, if you will, 'Drops of Jupiter's' odd lyrical shout-outs to deep-fried chicken and soy lattes."

The wine will be available July 18.

Just in case you need to hear the song one more time...(you're welcome).

[Via Zagat]