06/30/2011 07:31 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2011

Wimbledon Whites: A Retrospective Roundup (PHOTOS, POLL)

Ah, Wimbledon.

With tennis' classiest, most quintessentially British tournament comes the start of summer (not to mention royal spottings in the stands) and a slew of white hot tennis get-ups. It's been a few years since we rounded up the glam and the gaudy looks from tournaments past, so we're bringing you an updated retrospective.

Andre Agassi showed us ever-evolving hair, Roger Federer once donned a three-piece suit, Maria Sharapova gave us a tuxedo romper and Bjorn Borg never fault-ered in his red, white and blue motif. Take a look and let us know which looks are white hot winners and which are waaaaay out.

Wimbledon Style