07/06/2011 08:43 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2011

Sarah Palin On Crying Report: I Was Not In 'Tears' Over Movie 'The Undefeated'

Sarah Palin is rejecting a report from the U.K.-based Daily Mail that she was "reduced to tears" after seeing a new documentary out on her tenure as governor of Alaska.

According to the British tabloid, sources said Palin got emotional after her husband, Todd Palin, became enraged by the film, which premiered in Iowa last week.

"Obviously we've seen our share of media lies, but the latest fabrications circulated take a big slice of the cake," Palin wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. "The UK Daily Mail reports that I was 'in tears' as Todd 'rages over Hollywood stars ripping' me in the new film 'The Undefeated.' Huh? Really? The beautiful town of Pella, Iowa, was flooded with an army of media covering the premiere of this film. You'd think someone would have caught those tears and rages on tape, right?"

Directing readers to video of remarks she made in the Hawkeye State, the former governor added, "The emotion clearly displayed was gratitude to the filmmakers who invested their own time and money into highlighting my team's record in Alaska. Todd and I were overwhelmed with gratitude, and we hope everyone sees this film." She went on to scold the media and said, "There's a story there, but you'll never find it if you continue lying and carrying water for the powers that be."

The film on Palin's time as governor features footage of Hollywood stars criticizing her. Matt Damon, David Letterman and Madonna are some of the big names who appear in the documentary. At the premiere of the film Palin asked the Hollywood Reporter, "What would make someone be so full of hate?"

The former governor said she was taken aback by the footage. "It makes you want to reach out to some of these folks and say, 'What's your problem?'" she said. "What would make a celebrity, like you saw on screen, so hate someone that they'd seek their destruction, their death, the death of their children? What would make someone be so full of hate and, I guess, a sense of being threatened that they would want to see that person destroyed?"