07/07/2011 11:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hugging Big Cats At South Africa's Lion Park (VIDEO)

Noam and Tom are 10-month-old lions enjoying their stay at South Africa's Lion Park. The Gauteng province wildlife conservatory houses over 80 lions, as well as wild dogs, hyenas and other rehabilitating animals. YouTuber theDivan60 spent 8 amazing months volunteering at the park and has been buddies with Noam and Tom since they were 3 months old, creating an incredible bond between man and (really big) cat.

You see, volunteering at Lion Park is not your typical experience. Visitors who opt to stay get to take part in hand-rearing the orphan cubs, getting months of hands-on cat time. And because of that bond, they're able to do things the rest of us can only dream of, like rolling around in the dirt of an animal sanctuary with lions, hugging them and getting big wet cat kisses at will. In that way these big babies are domesticated, like your friendly neighborhood house cat, so kids, we wouldn't advise heading to the local zoo and trying this at home.