07/07/2011 04:45 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2011

Sen. Mark Udall Makes Impassioned Speech Regarding National Debt Crisis, Raising Debt Ceiling

For the second time in a week, Thursday, Mark Udall took to the Senate floor urging his fellow congressmen to work together on a plan to address our ballooning national debt and the raising of the debt ceiling.

Udall made an impassioned speech addressing the need to bridge the divide between both parties to put comprehensive plan into action. In his speech, Udall spoke:

Now is the time to put aside our political differences and challenge ourselves to put our country first.... Our national debt is $14 trillion and growing. Today, each citizen's share of the debt is over $46,000. Coloradans from across my home state have told me they want to see their leaders try using some common sense - the kind of common sense Americans use when they're faced with the hard job of balancing their own budgets when money is tight. Nothing less than the fate of the U.S. economy hangs in the balance, and I'm willing to stay day and night, weekends and holidays, here in D.C. to help put a plan in motion.

Watch his full speech above.