07/09/2011 12:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Most Awkward Cellphone Interruptions (VIDEO)

Cellphones can be helpful--or a total a nuisance.

Who hasn't been a quiet place--a theater, the ballet, a classroom--only to have the peace pierced by a smartphone's annoying ring or jingle?

Lucky for most of us, after someone frantically presses "ignore," the moment is over and forgotten.

But there are other instances where the ringing becomes much more than just irritating and morphs into an embarrassing public snafu caught on camera for all to see. ABC News has compiled clips of some of the most embarrassing (and inappropriate) times for cell phones to ring: for example, when you're defending match point at the Swedish Open against the highest-ranked player in the world.

WATCH: [via ABC News]