07/20/2011 10:49 am ET Updated Sep 07, 2011

Daily Deal For July 25, 2011: RockFlowerPaper Lacquered Trays And Coasters

Beautiful artwork can exist with no purpose other than to delight the eye, but when Katie Smith and Katie Shillinglaw founded rockflowerpaper, the goal was to merge nature-based artwork with functional home goods. The result is an array of housewares that each turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

What better way to add a pop of color than with these lacquer-like trays and coasters? Katie has licensed botanical and floral artwork from artists including Linda Funk, Sylvia Gonzalez, Lisa Gabel, and Susan Williams. It's not just the artwork that makes these pieces special, though. The trays are made from earth-friendly MDF, then the artwork is sealed with a proprietary finish that's dried using ultraviolet light. The result is a glass-like gloss that's completely resin-free, and a tray that's both heat and moisture resistant. The coordinating coasters are just as sturdy and chic.

Rockflowerpaper trays are great statement pieces on their own, and they make a gorgeous backdrop to showcase the goodies you serve to your guests or bring to a hostess. Either way, it's art come alive, inside the home.

Get yours at Daily Grommet, and check out the video below for a glimpse into Katie and Katie's studio!