07/08/2011 05:37 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2011

Large Distances 'Outliers'

Mark Mellman points out that Barack Obama is outperforming the economy.

Nate Silver says Republicans resist compromise because Republican voters have grown more conservative; John Sides says Republicans representatives are more conservative than their constituents; Jon Bernstein has more.

Alan Abramowitz corrects myths about independent voters.

Pew Research finds interest in the presidential campaign similar to this point in 2007.

Jennifer Jacobs reviews the demographics of Iowa caucusgoers.

Frank Newport finds Jewish Democrats support for Obama tracks closely with that of all Democrats.

Tom Jensen says Michele Bachmann comes with less baggage for Republicans.

Scott Clement explores five findings from the UNH poll of New Hampshire.

Junk Charts shares "the largest ever difference between 328 and 327."