07/08/2011 09:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michael Bay Attacks America, ONN Reports (VIDEO)

We all should have seen this coming.

In the video below, "The Onion News Network" reports on the destruction of our home soil last week by none other than "Transformers" director Michael Bay. Yes, that Michael Bay.

"Fact Zone" anchor Brooke Alvarez notes that police are slapping their heads for missing all the obvious warning signs in Bay's explosive movies like "The Island." It's no surprise Bay would eventually use one of his signature controlled explosions to send a helicopter careening into a truck.

Aside from the obvious signs, Bay employees say they saw him spend literally hours in a dark room going over footage of explosions and violence, analyzing them to the smallest detail. It now just seems so obvious.


Nation Somehow Failed To Predict Attack By Michael Bay