07/11/2011 05:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"How Does Venice Work?" Is A Backstage Look At Italy's Sinking City (VIDEO)

Did you know that every few years sections of the canals in Venice are drained for maintenance? Are you aware that Venice does not have a complete modern sewage and drainage system? If you didn't, don't worry, we didn't either. That is, until we stopped everything and watched "How Does Venice Work?"

This video from Insula Spa, the company behind the maintenance of this sprawling water world and it's brand-new website, Venice Backstage, is a who's who of Italy trivia featuring knowledge of the canals, waterways and walkways of everyone's favorite sinking city. Without it, we'd never know about the intricate system of stairs that served rich citizens separately from their help, called "Leonardo's double staircase." Or, that both wooden beams and bricks all across the city contain heavy salt water damage at any time of day.

Whether you're a repeat visitor or have never been (yet), it's difficult not to fall deeply in love with a city as complex and interesting as this one.


Venice Backstage. How does Venice work? from Insula spa on Vimeo.

via Italofile