07/11/2011 07:20 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2013

One Year of Double Rainbows (SLIDESHOW)

Approximately one year ago this week the world was introduced to a meme that would change the Internet as we knew it. A video featuring Paul "Bear" Vasquez expressing his enthusiasm over the phenomenon of a double rainbow over Yosemite National Park started making the rounds, slowly but surely igniting a flame that would produce numerous sponsorships, 10,000 parodies, and launch the web trend auto-tune.

"It looked like God's eye looking at me. That's why I had that reaction, why I said 'What does this mean?'" Vasquez admitted to us in July of 2010. And if Bear was certain he had seen God's eye then, well it must have been winking at him. With nearly 30 million views, it was not only one of the most watched YouTube videos of 2010, but solidified it's status as an everlasting meme, bringing smiles to the masses even in the face of horror, when the city of Joplin was destroyed by tornado.

So, for making us smile, cry and laugh over and over again, thank you, Double Rainbow. You are, indeed, so intense.