07/12/2011 09:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bree Boyce, Miss South Carolina, Dishes On Dramatic Weight Loss (VIDEO)

Last week, we introduced you to 22-year-old Bree Boyce, the newly-crowned Miss South Carolina who dropped over 110 pounds during the course of several years before winning this month's pageant.

Boyce sat down with "The Today Show" on Tuesday to talk about her transformation. She revealed, "At the age of 17, I was at my highest, which was 234 pounds [and size 18 jeans]....I actually confessed to my mother that when I got my license I would ride around to different fast food places and get food and sit in my car and eat it. Or whenever my parents went out to a movie or to a dinner, I would order pizza and eat the whole large pizza by myself."

Her lifestyle changed after she received a warning from a doctor -- "At that moment I decided to change my life and I lost 64 pounds very quickly." She added, "I had so many dreams and aspirations for myself and I knew that being so unhealthy, I would not be able to accomplish those dreams."

Ann Curry asked Boyce what was going through her head when she was announced the winner of the Miss South Carolina competition. Boyce gushed, "I have no words. I just thought to myself, I did it. I did it all on my own. I did it all for myself and I'm just so thankful to have this platform to share my success story with everyone across the world. I like to tell people I did not choose it, but it chose me. And a lot of people ask if I would take back the past but I wouldn't because I wouldn't have this amazing story to share with others."

And what about that swimsuit competition? "I didn't think about anybody else. I thought about myself and how hard I had worked and what I was working for and all of the people that I would strut my stuff on that stage was the proudest moment of my life."