07/12/2011 08:50 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2011

Mexico Boat Capsize: Belmont Survivor Michael Ng Clung To Cooler, Ate Chocolate To Survive

On the Fourth of July weekend, while millions of Americans were celebrating the nation's birth with fireworks and barbecues, Belmont resident Michael Ng spent 16 hours floating on a cooler in the waters off Mexico with nothing to eat but Hershey's kisses.

So when the 43-year-old returned to Belmont on Friday evening, he wasn't about to take anything for granted. He hugged his wife, ate some Chinese food and drank 50-year-old Whiskey.

"One thing I learned from this is to keep on living," Ng said of his ordeal, which started out as an annual Fourth of July fishing trip out of San Felipe.

It was Ng's second time on the trip, where he was accompanied by his first cousin Don Lee and second cousin Albert Mein, along with other friends.

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