07/14/2011 02:16 am ET Updated Sep 11, 2011

Celebrity Divorce: Which Celebrity Couples Do You Think Should Reunite? (VOTE)

We can't help but be somewhat riveted by Hollywood romances. The couples who grace our tabloid covers and computer screens seem to exist in another dimension, and when they tie the knot, their weddings are as decadent as their love is perfect--or so it seems. Indeed, as everyone knows, their actual marriages are often short-lived.

While most of us have never met these glamorous duos, we still have our favorites, and when their unions implode, we can't help but feeling a little, well, bruised--so much so that sometimes, we even daydream about them getting back together (what, like you daydream about Kierkegaard?)

We know which couples we wish would see reunite in a perfect world, so we decided to put the question to you: leaving aside pesky practical issues, like the fact that some of these stars have remarried, which would you like to see become a couple again?

Click through the slides below and vote for the pair you'd most like to see say "I love you" for the second time around--or at least pose for really pretty red carpet photos together once more.