07/13/2011 04:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Cowboys & Aliens' Clip: Daniel Craig Punches Harrison Ford (VIDEO)

Before they get to work fighting off the invading aliens, Jake Lonergan and Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde are going to have to settle their own significant rivalry.

In the new clip from "Cowboys & Aliens," that hasn't quite happened yet.

Lonergan, played by Daniel Craig, and Dolarhyde, played by Harrison Ford, have to face down a strange new invader in this sci-fi/western mashup directed by Jon Favreau. A number of trailers have been released, and even more excitingly, Favreau has produced a number of stellar interview with cast and producers for The Huffington Post.

To see his interview with Ford, click here; for a chat with Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg and Brian Glazer, go here; and for the most recent talk, with Olivia Wilde, click here.

The film hits July 29th.