07/13/2011 03:11 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2011

LA River: A Video Homage

For those Angelenos that still view the Los Angeles River as depressing, sewage-like infrastructure -- boy, do we have something for you. Videographer John Hwang's ode to the Los Angeles River evokes both lonely and beautiful aspects of our often neglected landmark. The footage includes images of running water, sunbeams, and train tracks.

If the video leaves you feeling inspired and curious, check out KCET's LA River Field Guide. Also, the organization Friends of the Los Angeles River organizes clean-ups, historical information tours, and most importantly, preservation projects. If an adventure is more your thing, LA River Expeditions offers four-hour-long guided kayak trips down the river.

For more of John Hwang's videos, check out his Vimeo profile.