07/13/2011 06:09 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2011

Twitter's Android App Upgrade Allows Multiple Accounts, Push Notifications

The Android people have spoken, and Twitter listened.

The microblogging service announced in a tweet on Tuesday that an upgrade is now available for its Android-flavored mobile app.

According to a post on the Twitter Blog, the update "includes some of the most commonly requested features," such as support for multiple accounts. iPhone users have long enjoyed the convenience of managing more than one Twitter feed without signing out and back in, and now Android users have the same feature at their disposal.

The new update also introduces push notifications (another iPhone standard), which alerts users to active updates from Twitter--even when a non-Twitter app is in use. An "Automatic Refresh" option in the app's settings will let users select the kind of updates they want to receive.

Twitter has also performed a few cosmetic tweaks on the app's home screen widgets.

Visit the Twitter Blog to view screenshots from the update. If you like what you see, you can find the new version of the app at the Android Market.