07/14/2011 12:12 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2011

Coco Rocha Grills Iman, Cindy Crawford On The State Of Modeling

The chatty Coco Rocha loves Twitter, so she decided to reach out to two of her model idols over the medium with a request for interviews. The result was a four-page long piece to be published in Elle UK's August issue in which the Canadian model talks with Cindy Crawford and Iman about the industry.

While it seems like their discussion was mostly uplifting, Coco got some semi-discouraging insights from Iman, which she shared on her Tumblr on Thursday:

'I wouldn't mind if these A-, B-, C- and D-list 'celebrities' only got the covers' says Iman. 'As we all know, covers don't pay the rent!' The real kicker for Iman is that celebrities are 'grabbing the spoils of war of our industry! Those coveted beauty and hair contracts...'. She adds, 'At least the last sacred ground for a model is the runway. So far...'

So far? I found Iman's comment funny at first, but then I find myself wondering exactly how long it will be until runways are walked by the Octomoms, Antoine Dodsons and Rebecca Blacks of this world.

Coco, like Iman, has also taken a critical approach in the past to the biz. Back in 2010, she made headlines for revealing that her (totally regular) size four waist was preventing her from walking fashion's runways. Rocha made no apologies for her weight, telling the New York Times, "If I want a hamburger, I'm going to have one. No 21-year-old should be worrying about whether she fits a sample size." Amen, sister.

How to solve such crazy issues? By getting the word out. "It gets better for those who talk about it," Coco told us last month. "I think it really is up to the girls to stand up for themselves and have that courage to do it."

In which case we will totally join Coco in speaking out against a Rebecca Black-Octomom runway extravaganza.

Read more from Coco Rocha on and pick up the August issue of Elle UK to read the full interview.