07/14/2011 07:08 am ET Updated Sep 13, 2011

Rupert Murdoch To Appear Before Parliament Over Phone Hacking Scandal

After initially refusing, Rupert Murdoch relented on Thursday and agreed to give evidence about the phone hacking scandal to a parliamentary committee next Tuesday.

Murdoch had previously told John Whittingdale, the head of the Culture, Media and Sport committee in the House of Commons, that he was "not available" to attend a hearing the committee is holding on the phone hacking scandal. Whittingdale then sent a deputy sergeant-at-arms to Murdoch's London headquarters, personally delivering a summons to him and his son, James, who is deeply implicated in the scandal. James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks, the head of News International, are also set to attend.

Had Murdoch refused the summons, Whittingdale told reporters earlier on Thursday, Parliament would have entered into "uncharted territory," as legal scholars and parliamentary experts wrangled over what powers the House of Commons had to compel a foreign national (Murdoch is a U.S. citizen) to appear before them.

Murdoch will not face an easy audience when he turns up at the Palace of Westminster. The summons came the day after he withdrew his $12 billion bid for BSkyB amidst an extraordinarily united show of disapproval of the deal from all sides of the House. The chamber then held a debate in which Murdoch was scathingly criticized. Moreover, the scandal surrounding him and News International, shows no signs of abating, as yet another top former editor at the News of the World was arrested in connection with phone hacking on Thursday.

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15/07/2011 16:55 BST

Check Out This List Of Chequers Guests

Tim Gatt has tweeted it here.

15/07/2011 16:41 BST

@ paulwaugh : No.10 sources say meeting btw Cam n Coulson at Chequers was "to thank him for the work he had done for us"

15/07/2011 16:31 BST

More On That Coulson Visit

@ nicholaswatt : Ivan Lewis on Coulson visit to Chequers in March: This is yet more evidence of an extraordinary lack of judgment by David Cameron #notw

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Rupert Murdoch To Meet The Dowler Family, BBC Report.

15/07/2011 16:00 BST

Yvette Cooper Is Calling For Meetings Between Police And News International To Be Published

"We need full disclosure of all connections, relationships and meetings between the Metropolitan Police and News International, right now. It isn't enough to defer these issues to the judge-led inquiry, as the Mayor and Home Secretary seem content to do."

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Full Text Of The Murdoch Apology

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The Telegraph Report:

@ christopherhope : EXCLUSIVE: Andy Coulson was a guest at Chequers in April, Downing Street to reveal today. That's three months after he quit. Developing.

15/07/2011 15:38 BST

Sky News Report

@ SkyNewsBreak : Sky sources: Rupert Murdoch to say tomorrow "we are sorry for the wrongdoing that occurred"

15/07/2011 15:17 BST

The Guardian Report

@ nicholaswatt : David Cameron releasing details of meetings with all media proprietors and editors since he became Tory leader #notw

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Who Would Play Brooks In Hackgate, The Movie?

Rebekah Brooks has resigned, and the question everyone wants to know is who will play her in the hypothetical film of the phone hacking saga.

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