07/15/2011 04:45 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2011

Alexandria Pierce, Amesha Page-Smith, Adrianne Stevens Shot Multiple Times By Brinton Millsap In Murder-Suicide, Autopsy Reveals

An autopsy for a student who was killed last month in a murder-suicide that also claimed the lives of three other people was released on Thursday, according to Digitriad.

According to the autopsy, Adrianne Stevens was shot at least eight times by Brinton Millsap, who reportedly killed North Carolina A&T student Amesha Page-Smith and UNC-Greensboro student Alexandria Pierce before turning the gun on himself. The shooting occurred in the Durham area.

Not much is known about the motive of the crime, but relatives believe it could be because Pierce was rumored to have herpes, and had sexual relations with Millsap, the Raleigh News-Observer reports:

Pierce, 23, a rising senior at UNC Greensboro, made an impromptu trip to Durham on Friday to tell Millsap in person that the report that she had given him a disease was not true, [Anita] Baker [Pierce's mother] said. She left Greensboro in her green Honda Accord about 9 p.m. and picked up her friends, Amesha Alia Page-Smith, 24, and Adrianne Celeste Stevens, 22, both of Durham.

According to the relatives of Millsap, however, the report was not true.

Millsap reportedly had lupus and was "outraged" by the rumor. He had allegedly had sex with Pierce the weekend before at a picnic.