07/15/2011 07:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Catherine Zeta-Jones In 'Rock Of Ages': Adam Shankman Tweets Mayor's Wife Pic (PHOTO)

If Catherine Zeta-Jones ever gets bored with acting, well, she could always go win a presidential caucus in Iowa, or something.

The Oscar-winner is clearly doing her best Michele Bachmann impression in this new production photo tweeted by "Rock of Ages" director Adam Shankman. And while that's a bit scary, it's also a good thing, given that she plays a conservative mayor's wife working to end the evil liberal scourge of rock n' roll. That mayor, notably, is being played by "Breaking Bad" Emmy-winner, Bryan Cranston. Not a bad supporting cast couple.

"Look at my Catherine Zeta Jones! It's so good to have you back in a musical! So brilliant!" Shankman wrote in the tweet.

Zeta-Jones' character isn't in the original Broadway musical; Shankman recently told The Hollywood Reporter that it was created to help smooth over the story for the big screen.

"It's a character that we only really came to in the last month," he said. "The character was invented to streamline the stories... She is this hardcore, moral majority, arch-conservative who wants to shut down rock 'n' roll in the great city of Los Angeles."

Shankman told E! Online that she'll be singing at least two songs: Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It."

The photo is the latest in a series of behind-the-scenes shots shared by Shankman, who has posted this first image of Tom Cruise as rocker Stacee Jaxx as well as this amazing picture of Alec Baldwin as former rocker Dennis Dupree and Russell Brand as venue owner Lonnie.