07/15/2011 10:37 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2011

Weekend Agenda: Sailboating, Ice Cream And Silent Films (7.15-7.17)

We’ve entered that long-stretch of summer where people start going rabid at water coolers, and/or ripping their shirts off in business meetings. And that’s not okay. We’re here to help shake things up, so those things don’t happen to you.

David LaChapelle "From Darkness to Light" @ The Lever House
What: Monsieur LaChapelle’s foray into crazy-a** photo-collages, mostly made from his own crazy-a** photography.
Why: Just like his photo work, this show is twisted, pellucid, and sickly whimsical. And we love it.
$?: Free!
When: Friday 11AM-7PM, (the perfect post-work, pre-drinks date)
Where: 390 Park Ave @ 54th.;

4 Knots Music Festival:
What: The Village Voice’s rad indie-rock music festival
Why: The Black Angels + Titus Andronicus + Davila 666 = Yes Plz.
$?: Free!
When: Saturday, 1-8 PM, rain or shine.
Where: South Street Seaport, Pier 17

Molly Urno’s Cinema 16 Series
What: Silent films accompanied by live music scores (think less “dude playing piano,” and more “ modern synthesizer trio from BK”)
Why: It’s like time-traveling to “the 20’s,” but you can’t tell whether you’ve gone forward or backward in time. Whoa...
$?: 20 donation to support the Millenium Film Workshop
When: Saturday, 8 PM (buy tickets)
Where: Millennium Film Workshop, 66 E 4th St.; 212-673-0090

Sail Around the Hudson
What: You get in a sailboat, and some dude whisks you off to see the skyline along the Hudson.
Why: We shouldn’t have to convince you. Unless you’re a witch, in which case, we totally understand.
$?: 80 a person. (buy tickets)
When: Saturday and Sunday, 9AM, 12PM, 3PM , 6PM
Where: Pier 66 @ 26th Street and the Hudson River; 212-924-1920

Pretend to be a Tourist on a Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus
What: Smirk at tourists taking two million pictures of nothing--a totally mindbending, totally silly way to see your city.
Why: Haven’t you always wanted to meet the segment of America that actually wears Fit-Flops?
$?: Adult 49.00, Child 39.00 (buy pass)
When: Saturday, Sunday--Day and Night.
Where: It’s “hop-on, hop-off.” Check out their map.
go to the empire state or hop on one of those busses

The Ice-Cream Takedown @ The Bellhouse
What: A local ice-cream contest where you are a sugar-eating zombie, and ice-cream=brains.
Why: Their website said it best: “Holleee crapppp 20-30 scoops of Brooklyn Ice Cream for you to judge!”
$$$: 15 a ticket
When: Sunday, 4PM
Where: The Bellhouse, 149 7th St., BK; 718-643-6510