Hermon Raju, 'Well Educated' Viral Sensation, Speaks Out

Let this be a lesson the next time you feel like you want to lose your cool in public; someone is likely watching you, waiting with their phone in hand and ready to videotape your complete and total meltdown.

It's a lesson Hermon Raju is wishing she didn't have to learn. Last month Raju became a viral Internet sensation -- and not the good kind -- after a video of her verbally assaulting a Metro North employee hit the web.

Now, the New York Daily News reports that Raju has been reaching out to crisis-management PR experts to repair her sullied reputation

The NYDN obtained a letter that Raju allegedly sent to one firm explaining that the public only saw two minutes of the argument, but that there was more to the story.

"I can honestly say I feel raped by the Internet," she complained, after claiming that she initially was advised "not to speak to the media" about the incident.

Not the best choice of analogy for someone who has degrees in Communications and Marketing, according to her LinkedIn profile.

The NYU graduate deleted her social profiles across the Internet, but a Google search of her name leads only to reports on the Metro North incident.

Commenters on the website Random Tandem who claim to know or have met Raju have weighed in on the video, expressing their dislike for her, and Dealbreaker reports that the video may have cost Raju her job, as a spokesperson from BNP Paribas said Raju is no longer with the firm.

In the video Raju argued with the employee saying, "Excuse me? Do you know what schools I've been to and how well educated I am?" When things became slightly physical she was told to get off the train and shouted, "I'm not a crazy person. I AM A VERY WELL EDUCATED PERSON."

The original video was removed from YouTube, to see the video head over to Gawker.