07/20/2011 11:51 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2011

Bart Scott On Player Safety, Eliminating Two-A-Day Practices: 'I Think It's Wimping Out'

One of the key issues for the players in the NFL labor negotiations is player safety. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported over the weekend that the players want to "basically eliminate" two-a-day practices.

Bart Scott of the New York Jets isn't very happy about that.

Scott told Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger that he doesn't believe the players are truly concerned with player safety. Instead, he thinks they're "wimping out" and "making football more soft."

"I get concerned you're making football players weaker because you don't push them past that threshold," he said. "I get concerned with the same thing with the quarterback stuff, that they turn it into flag football; they turn it into little pansy stuff."

Of course, Scott isn't the first player to compare the league to flag football.

Chicago Bears star Brian Urlacher bashed the new NFL rules on dangerous hits in the middle of the season, suggesting that the league should put flags on players and change the name to the "National Flag Football League."

However, Scott is the first to rip other players who are advocating for player safety.

Hines Ward criticized the league in December for being hypocrites on the issue because, at the time, there was plenty of talk about extending the regular season to 18 games.

"If you were so concerned about the safety, why are you adding two more games?" Ward said. "They don't care about the safety of the game."