07/20/2011 12:16 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2011

Charles Sims Killed Jimmy Parker Over Dripping Air Conditioner: Cops

The execution-style murder of Jimmy Parker in the early morning of June 2 was the result of a dripping air conditioner, according to police.

As Charles Sims appeared in bond court on Monday, charged with first-degree murder in Parker's death, authorities gave their account of the crime. Sims's sister was passing by an apartment building on the 5600 block of West Washington when water landed on her head, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

She apparently complained to her brother that Parker had dropped water on her from the window of the building, when in fact the water was just the condensation from a third-floor air-conditioning unit.

Still, Sims went to confront Parker outside the building, and when he denied dumping water on anyone, Sims allegedly punched him. FOX Chicago reports that Parker hit Sims back, and then Sims drew his weapon, a 9mm handgun, according to police.

Parker was shot a total of eight times. For the final shot, police say Sims stood over Parker to finish him off. Chicago Police Detective Anthony Noradin described the final shot as "a coup de grace of sorts."

Six witnesses identified Sims as the shooter, according to the Daily Mail. But he has denied any wrongdoing in the case.

Sims was ruled held without bond at Monday's hearing.