07/20/2011 09:50 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2011

Danielle Staub Disses Bravo, Hires New Manager -- God!

Danielle Staub, of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" fame, is at it again and this time she’s holding nothing back, including her feelings about her old network, Bravo. She's also announced who is now managing her career -- God!

“I don’t think I have ever really left reality TV, my whole life is reality,” Staub told me backstage at New York live. "I’m so in love with this new show ["Famous Food"] and my new network, VH1. My first instinct was 'yes, yes, yes' when I was offered the show because it's not Bravo and it's not 'Housewives.' They did not [look after me] and I really needed that for my children as well. I’m so happy with VH1 it's not even funny, and they give me so much freedom."

When Staub exited Housewives it was unclear if she had been fired or quit on her own terms. She insists that it was, in fact, the latter -- although, Bravo sources tell me she was removed from the show.

“The difference between this and the last one is there is resolve at the end of the day," she explains. "And no one is trying to kill me. It got really scary for me and for my children. They begged me not to go back [to Bravo] after the reunion.”

Danielle complains that no one at Bravo ever put down a camera to help her, in what she considered dangerous circumstances, and is now putting her career in God's hands.

“If I left or not ... I left that up to God and the universe," Staub tells me. "I said a lot of prayers. I don’t miss the girls because I never really liked any of them. No I wont watch it. I wouldn’t give it a second of my ratings or my time.

However that didn’t stop the ladies and her old network from hurting Staub one more time, after the death of a family member.

“When my mom passed away the one thing they did say, even in articles, [was] ‘well she wasn’t close to her mom.’ All the things they said about me were based on pure fiction and it was hurtful to know they wouldn’t say something nice like they were really sorry for the loss of my mom, God bless [or] rest in peace,” Danielle confesses. “Something, anything. Not one of them. The only person on bravo who reached out to me was Patty from Millionaire Matchmaker. Not Andy, not one person.”

But Danielle isn’t looking back. She told me that, in her opinion, she brought the ratings to the show and didn’t care when I pointed out the show is doing even better since she left.

“VH1 is totally, totally different. They take such good care of me,” Danielle tells me. “And I'm the number one [cast member] listed when they have the previews. Its’ Danielle Staub.”

A rep for Bravo had no comment! God didn't return my call.