07/20/2011 04:35 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2011

Emma Stone: Is The 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' Star America's Newest Sweetheart? (VIDEO)

Outstanding comedic timing, girl next door sex appeal, and brains to boot? Check, check, check. It's no wonder Emma Stone has risen through the ranks of America's sweetheart-hood. Forget other contenders like Amanda Seyfried, Emma Roberts or Kristen Stewart, Stone has made the leap and nailed the landing. So how did she do it? Forget the stock quote, "I'm just so lucky to be here," there's a formula to follow when it comes to nailing the paired moniker and Stone -- and her team of handlers -- are straight A students.

Just like her blockbuster making, teenybopper adoring, theater packing, magazine covering predecessors like Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and even Audrey Hepburn, Stone is making all the right movies and all the right faces when it comes to securing the Tinseltown title.

Stone was hot on Witherspoon's "sweetheart" tail when in her first film, "Superbad" she got to experience all of the awkwardness of adolescent love. With 16 years between them, the coming of age film could be an uber-modern spin on Witherspoon's first flick, "The Man in the Moon" in which she similarly discovers that everything would be easier if she were just a bit older.

Still cultivating her household name, Stone's next film, "The House Bunny," at the root showed a classic ugly duckling transformation not unlike Hepburn's 1954 classic, "Sabrina." Both Stone and Hepburn transformed from unnoticed and under-appreciated inner beauties to stunning specimens -- even if, in Stone's case, it was with the help of a former Playboy bunny.

Next, Stone gave fellow redhead, Julia Roberts, a run for her money when both chose a more than promiscuous role for their breakout performances. For Roberts in "Pretty Woman" and Stone in "Easy A," both beauties exchanged sexual favors for cash -- or in Stone's case they were just rumored sexual exploits. Either way, harlot references aside, Roberts and Stone were able to turn their dirty cash into box office gold.

With her comedic authority and her romantic potential out of the way, Stone got a little more action when she began filming the forthcoming, "The Amazing Spider-Man" a la, Sandra Bullock in "Speed." Although both flicks aren't straight action films for either of their respective characters, the film spotlighted both actresses in a way that they had not previously been portrayed. From pretty but pithy comedians to damsels in distress, Stone and Bullock used the roles to expand their on-screen skills -- one look of horror at a time.

So step aside ladies, Stone's the top spot earner on the podium now.

Is Emma Sone America's Newest Sweetheart?