07/20/2011 08:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gregor Johann Mendel's 189th Birthday Gets A Google Logo Made Of Peas

On July 20, Google doffs its cap to the 189th birthday of Gregor Johann Mendel.

Often called the father of genetics, Mendel is most famous for his study of the inherited traits passed down by pea plants. A new Google Doodle, spelling out the company logo in pea pods, honors Mendel's contribution to biology.

Born in 1822 in Hungary, Mendel entered the order of Augustinian monks and studied at the University of Vienna.

The Washington Post describes Mendel's famed study of peas:

Testing tens of thousands of pea plants, Mendel studied the patterns of dominant, recessive and hybrid traits. His laws of segregation and independent assortment eventually bathed the gardener in branding glory, as they became better known decades after his death as Mendel's "laws of inheritance."

According to the National Health Museum, he also studied meteorology and evolution.

Visit the Google homepage to view Mendel's doodle, or check out a screenshot (below).