07/20/2011 03:42 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2011

Horse Rescued From Melbourne, Fla. Backyard Pool (VIDEO)

Horseplay is usually not permitted at pools -- but that didn't stop a stallion from taking a dip in Florida.

A retired racehorse wandered into a neighboring yard and invaded a Brevard County pool where three teenagers were swimming on Tuesday.

Caper, a six-year-old stallion, waded into the tank but wouldn't come out for hours, forcing a special team of rescuers to hoist the horse from the in-ground pool, the Associated Press reported.

The teens tried to lead the blind horse out of the water and back to the adjoining property, but Caper refused to budge, WOFL TV reported.

The special force, which included firefighters, a veterinarian and officials from the Brevard Zoo, administered a sedative to the 1,500 pound animal, according to WEWS.

A crane lifted Caper, who was uninjured from his prolonged dip in the pool.

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