07/21/2011 01:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ed Schultz Praises Michele Bachmann's Handling Of Migraine Story (VIDEO)

Ed Schultz dismissed the hubbub surrounding Michele Bachmann's migraines in an unexpected twist on his Wednesday show. The MSNBC host called the Daily Caller story a "right-wing hit job."

Schultz chalked the story up to Bachmann's strong polling numbers, which he suggested the Republican establishment finds threatening. He speculated, "If Bachmann's polling numbers were in the single digits and in the tank like Tim Pawlenty, then perhaps there wouldn't be a need for a story so heavy on insinuation and light of specifics." He then criticized Karl Rove's to-do over Bachmann's migraines and showed a copy of a letter from the candidate's doctor.

Directing his message to Bachmann, Schultz acknowledged, "I do not agree with you on anything," but praised
her "clear" and concise" response to critics. He said, "My respect for you has gone through the roof in the last 24 hours."


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