07/21/2011 04:45 pm ET Updated Sep 20, 2011

5 Apps With...Lauren Bush: Model, Designer And Philanthropist

Perhaps best known as a model and niece of President George W. Bush, Lauren Bush is more importantly the co-founder and CEO of FEED Projects, an organization that has provided impoverished schoolchildren with over 60 million meals since its launch in 2007. FEED now sells totes, jewelry, and teddy bears--all either hand-made by artisans in Guatemala or assembled at a fair labor factory in China--with donations that go toward the purchase of these meals built into their prices.

Lauren Bush is doing good, and doing good keeps her busy. I sat down with her at a recent launch of a new line of bags in New York City to find out her 5 favorite apps for the iPhone 4 that manages her life--and as you might expect, her choices were a mix of entertainment and philanthropy and time-savers.

Ladies and gentlemen, 5 Apps With...Lauren Bush, CEO and co-founder of FEED Projects: