07/21/2011 08:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Microsoft Plans Dance Mob Featuring 'Bicycle Hands,' 'Jersey Shore Fist Pump' (VIDEO)

What's it like to be an intern at Microsoft?

According to Microsoft's "My Intern Life," it involves kayaking, street fairs, and biking ,

What the company blog doesn't mention, however, is the 2011 intern dance mob: In a YouTube video posted Wednesday starring Microsoft intern "Lena" as dance instructor, Microsoft employee "Joe" as motivator, and a game seven-person dance crew, this year's interns are expected to perform a coordinated dance routine at the company's July 28th "intern party" to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas' "This Time (Dirty Bit)."

According to the video, which includes the description "DANCE MONKEYS DANCE", the "dance mob" routine features classic moves like the "Jersey Shore fist pump" and "Hand bike" ("Turn to the right and bicylce with your hands, then turn to the left and bicycle with your hands," explains Lena).

"We'd like to see a dance mob at the intern event," says Joe, a self-described "full time employee here at Microsoft" in the video. "What I want to see is the music starts, everyone knows the dance and everyone does it at the same time--kind of linke a flash mob--and we'll video tape it and you can the take the video back to your school when you're done."

The YouTube clip appears to be an instructional video for the company's interns. First, Lena, who says she's been asked to help choreograph, walks through the nine key dance moves. Next, she demonstrates them with seven other people in a gray-carpeted conference room (the demo begins about 4 minutes).

You won't want to miss seeing the video for yourself. If you want to practice too, here are Microsoft's nine dance mob moves:

Step 1: Everybody wave: sit down and stand up
Step 2: Jersey Shore fist pump
Step 3: Mega crowd wave: side to side, starting on the right
Steps 4/5: Hand bike: two 8 counts right, two 8 counts left
Step 5.5: Raise the roof
step 6: Mega clap: two 8 counts
Step 7: Freestyle pose...on the lyrics
Step 8: Concert wave ("Just wave your hands side to side like you're holding up a lighter")
Step 9: Have fun!

"On July 28th Microsoft will have its annual intern party in Seattle," a Microsoft spokesperson told The Huffington Post in a statement. "There are more than 1000 interns from top worldwide universities that work on all kinds of technologies from Azure to Xbox. Interns bring new energy and ideas every summer and a number of them come back as full-time employees once they’re out of school. In the coming school year, Microsoft will actively recruit from more than 200 universities."

This is hardly the first "dance mob" we've seen from Microsoft. Four hundred students from Keith Valley Middle School starred in a video that shows them dancing, en masse, to the tune of "Bing Goes the Internet," a tune that won Microsoft's Bing jingle contest. In 2009, employees at a Microsoft store in Mission Viejo boogied together on camera--again, to a tune from the Black Eyed Peas.

Check out the guide to the "Intern Dance Mob 2011" below. Adorable or weird? Let us know in the comments below.