07/22/2011 05:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

FLASHBACK: Justin Timberlake And Ryan Gosling Cry For You On The Mickey Mouse Club, Girl (VIDEO)

Had a long week? Wish you had a total stud (!) waiting for you in your air-conditioned home (!!) with a pizza and a glass of wine (!!!)? Maybe your fantasy is different than ours, but we can't work miracles over here. What we can do is send you into the weekend with the mental image of a few A-list hunks telling you how much they miss you. (Hint: It's a lot.)

This "Mickey Mouse Club" footage from the early '90s is like celebrity "Muppet Babies." Tiny Justin Timberbro? An itty bitty Ryan Gosling in an enormous Unionbay waffle tee? It's cute, but has the added bonus of starring a couple of dudes you know grow up to be husband material.

So whether you're seeing "Friends with Benefits" this weekend or you're holding out for "Crazy, Stupid, Love" next weekend, we've got some fuel for your monster crush.