07/22/2011 12:07 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2011

How To: Beat The Heat Like Your Favorite Celebrities

We know New York gets nowhere near as steamy as it does in other regions of our tropic-heavy planet, but with the current heat wave that's hitting our concrete jungle, we're allowed a modicum of whining right? Now that we've got our self-pity plea out of the way, we're looking to our favorite celebs to steal their tricks when it comes to beating the heat. From a bevy of beverages to skimpy heat-skirting style, check out our La La Land learned tips to stay cool.

1. Refuel: 'Venti, iced, skinny, double-shot latte with whip, please'
If we've learned anything from candid paparazzi shots, it's that celebs are big drinkers. These famous heat-flockers always manage to stay camera-ready in even the stickiest of situations. How? You ask. They're constantly refueling. It's rare to come across a paparazzi shot in which a celeb doesn't have their perfectly polished fingers frozen in a residual C-like shape -- clutching an iced coffee, smoothie, or some strange lemongrass, seaweed health conscious concoction. We can only imagine that this trick of the trade is taught in 'Becoming A Star 101.'

2. Take It Off: 'Look Ma, no pants!'
If the drink fix isn't quite cutting it, take a queue from Hollywoodland and go pants optional. And if your mama gives you a hard time about the 'less is more' mantra, just say, "Everybody's doing it." For stars like Lady Gaga, Taylor Momsen and Rihanna, staying cool never looked so good.

3. Roll Out: 'Can I get some handlebar streamers?'
Still feeling the heat? Make like Julianne Hough, Rachel Bilson and the adorably awkward Michael Cera and create your own personal wind machine. Get pedaling on a mint green bicyclette and feel the breeze. Word to the wise, it's probably best not to combine tips two (pants optional) and three.

4. Suit Up: 'Can you see my ...? Good!'
If all else fails, ditch your clothes, bike and beverage, grab a teeny bikini and hit the beach. Get wet, lay out and let the ogling onlookers come to you.

How To: Beat The Heat Celeb Style