07/22/2011 12:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Janice Dickinson Already Kvetching About Her Age At 24 (VINTAGE VIDEO)

Lest you think it's old age that has hardened her, Janice Dickinson was quite the kvetch even at age 24.

We dug up this amusing interview from 1980 in which a sassy yet miserable-sounding Dickinson informs viewers that her life is super hard -- the up-and-coming models are all "so young," she exclaims, making Janice quite insecure about her age.

But one upside of her years is the treasure trove of model knowledge she's acquired. Her words of wisdom for aspiring models who want to be the next Janice Dickinson?

"Screw you."

What a sweetheart, that Janice.