07/22/2011 05:48 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2011

Show Me The Money 'Outliers'

Pew Research finds the GOP making big gains among white voters.

Mark Mellman finds the debt ceiling debate shifting attitudes "dramatically." .

David Hill thinks a debt crisis will not hurt Republicans.

Chris Good reviews poll findings on the debt limit.

Democracy Corps reviews talking points for Democrats on the debt limit.

Frank Newport notes President Obama's increasing homage to the wisdom of polls.

Jon Chait, Andrew Sullivan and Jon Berstein theorize about why Obama's doing better than he should, given the economy

Pew Research's PEJ shows Fox covering hacking scandal less than CNN or MSNBC (via Sides).

John Sides reviews PoliSci research on the Tea Party's impact in 2010.

Michael Sadowsky points out a possible IVR/Live interview divide in Republican primary polling.

Jim Burton reports on a POS survey of Twitter users.

Junk Charts aggregates Andrew Gelman's advice on statistical graphics.

Kate Kaye reports on the Obama campaign's growing in-house data analytics effort (via Lundry).

Gallup discovers the top financial concern for Americans is "lack of money."