07/24/2011 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conan O'Brien Unveils 'The Museum Of Conan Art' At San Diego Comic-Con (VIDEO)

From sneak-peak trailer screenings to movie-prop exhibits to stand-in-line-for-hours Q&A panels, the annual San Diego Comic-Con is the place to be for the nation’s most hardcore fans and the shows, movies and comic-y projects that sustain their nerdy (and often sanctimonious) obsessions.

So it was no surprise this year to see Conan O’Brien and his loyal “Team Coco” fanbase give "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" fans a run for their money by channeling their Coco energies into The Museum of Conan Art, or COCO MoCA, a new museum featuring Conan O’Brien-themed fan art. The museum exhibit, entitled COCO-MoCA Presents: The Fine Art of The Flaming C Fan-Art, is located at a gallery near the San Diego Convention Center and is set to run from July 21 until July 24.

According to the museum’s official site, COCO MoCA is “a museum FOR the people and BY the people. So whether you're a painter, sketch artist, sculptor, or a Photoshop pixel-pusher, we want to see your Team Coco themed artwork.”

Check out the site for current favorites in each of the museum’s five Conan-art categories: Illustrations, Paintings, Digital Art, Mixed Media, and Edibles. Any fan is encouraged to submit to the museum's online galleries, and vote for their favorite Coco creations online. And for those fans unable to fly to San Diego to visit the museum itself, there’s a virtual tour of the museum available on the site.

The museum isn’t exactly a grassroots movement conceived and funded by fans themselves. The museum is sponsored by TBS, and though it’s certainly meant in part as a celebration of “Conan” and all that the show has accomplished since its fall debut, the network-organized fan project should also help steal some of the spotlight from Chelsea Handler, whose show beat Conan’s in the ratings for the first time in June.